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We support students studying any of the following curricula: 8.4.4 (From 1 to 4); CBC (Junior Secondary); International Baccalaureate; International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE); and British National Curriculum (BNC).

We offer tutoring in maths and business studies.
Each session is 1 hour up to a maximum of 2 hours.
The maximum number of sessions your child can take per day is 4 sessions.

We offer in-person training at the student’s home in the following areas: Syokimau, Athi River, Greenpark and Kitengela.

Differentiated learning entails customizing teaching strategies, materials, and assessments to align with the specific needs and learning styles of each individual student. This is achieved by recognizing the student’s preferred learning style—whether visual, auditory or kinaesthetic—and adjusting teaching methods accordingly.

We adapt content and materials to align with the student’s current comprehension level, offering additional resources or more advanced materials as necessary. Various teaching methods are employed to cater to diverse learning preferences, incorporating discussions, hands-on activities, visual aids, and real-world examples to enhance engagement and accessibility.

Collaboratively, we establish personalized learning goals with the student and continually adjust these goals based on their progress and challenges. Responsive to student feedback, we remain flexible, readily modifying ineffective teaching methods. Emphasizing student-paced learning, we also integrate their interests and passions into the process, fostering increased engagement and motivation. Regular assessments of the differentiated strategies allow us to refine our methods in response to the evolving needs of the students.

Our services stand out due to their unique features, which prioritize a personalized approach tailored specifically to each student. We believe in differentiated learning, acknowledging and accommodating individual learning styles and needs. The flexibility of scheduling is another key aspect, allowing students to customize their study sessions according to their convenience.

One distinctive aspect of our services is the comfort provided for learning, as students can engage in the educational process from the familiar and relaxed environment of their homes. Additionally, our services include effective exam preparation strategies, ensuring that students are well-equipped and confident when facing assessments. This combination of personalized attention, differentiated learning, flexible scheduling, home comfort, and comprehensive exam preparation strategies collectively defines the uniqueness of our educational services.

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