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We support students studying any of the following curricula: 8.4.4 (From 1 to 4); CBC (Junior Secondary); International Baccalaureate; International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE); and British National Curriculum (BNC)

Individualized learning plans

We customize the learning experience to cater to the student’s specific needs, pace, and learning style. We tailor the teaching approach to address each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.

Differentiated learning

We acknowledge that students have diverse abilities and learning styles therefore we adapt our teaching methods and materials to accommodate these differences, ensuring that each student receives instruction at their appropriate level.

Exam preparation

We guide students with comprehensive preparation for exams by helping them understand exam formats, guide on effective strategies for answering various types of questions, practice with past papers, and develop time-management skills to enhance their confidence and performance during exams.

Assessment of learning

We give ongoing assessments to gauge a student’s progress. This helps us to identify areas for improvement, provide constructive feedback, and tailor the teaching to address specific learning needs hence optimizing the learning experience.

Revision materials

We supply additional materials, such as study guides, summaries, and practice exercises, to aid students in reviewing and reinforcing their understanding of the subject matter.

how we work

Assessmentof Learning

We conduct assessments alongside tuition to gauge progress accurately. This helps us understand each student’s strengths and areas that may need further attention. To keep you informed, we provide comprehensive progress reports that highlight achievements and outline areas for improvement.

Ongoing assessment occurs during the learning process to identify gaps, enabling our tutors to:

Align instruction

Recognize specific student needs

Choose suitable learning materials

Implement differentiated learning

Offer prompt feedback

how we work

Learning Approach

We recognize and value the unique qualities of each child, acknowledging their individual strengths, weaknesses and preferred learning styles. This is why we embrace differentiation in learning, tailoring content to address the specific needs, interests, and abilities of each student. Our approach involves ongoing assessment to gauge the student’s understanding, pinpointing areas of strength and those requiring improvement. This dynamic assessment allows us to adapt teaching strategies in response to the student’s progress and reactions.

In our instructional methodology, we employ a diverse range of learning materials that align with the student’s interests and comprehension level, ensuring active engagement and effective learning. The flexibility of differentiated learning enables the tutor to customize the pace of instruction, while simultaneously promoting independent thinking and problem-solving skills in students. This fosters a sense of confidence and autonomy in their academic journey.

Furthermore, we provide regular feedback to parents on their child’s progress, highlighting achievements (glows) and areas for growth (grows). Our commitment is to create a learning environment that recognizes and nurtures the individuality of each student, fostering a positive and effective educational experience.